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Cheap cheer music mixes and pre-made music.

It may be cheap cheer music, but is it good?

Preparing for the 2017-2018 Cheer Season

You’re probably looking (or have already looked) at next year’s budget. Everyone has a unique situation, but most teams, whether you are a school team, a recreational team, a pom team, or a private gym, you’re probably struggling with your budget and looking for ways to save money. How do I keep my current athletes without raising my prices too much? With so many things to pay for (new uniforms, camps, choreography, competition fees, bows) keeping your prices competitive but not outrageous is often a challenge. Choosing to save money by cutting corners on your uniforms or bows is often out of the question, ruining your team’s “look” would be a huge mistake. However, cutting back on music with cheap cheer music is (sadly) the route that many ย programs will take.

Consider your time.

You can find (quality) cheap cheer music, but it will most likely take plenty of late-night hours scouring the internet, comparing prices, listening to cheer music samples, checking out all the pre-made cheer music and, after awhile. . .it all sounds the same. How much time do you have to invest in this research project? Finding (quality) cheap cheer music may take up a large part of your free time that could be spent doing other things.

Consider quality.

Are you getting a quality mix for the price you’re paying? Saving more could mean you’re getting less. A few things to consider:

  • Will someone else have the same pre-made music?
  • Is your cheer music mixed correctly?
  • Will your cheer music sound good where you compete?
  • Do you love your cheer music or are you settling for the “next best thing”?
  • Will your cheap cheer music inspire your athletes?
  • Can you make edits and/or adjustments to the music?
  • How much do edits cost?
  • Is your cheer music USA Cheer Compliant?
  • Will you get a copy of all the proper licenses to submit for competitions?

Custom Cheer Music at pre-made music prices

All prices INCLUDE 5 edits that can be done at any time during your season

2:30 – $300 ($150 deposit)

2:00 – $260 ($130 deposit)

1:30 – $220 ($110 deposit)

1:00 – $180 ย ($90 deposit)




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