Cheer Music BPM (beats per minute)

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What is BPM and why is it important to your cheer music?

BPM stands for beats per minute. It means how many beats you hear in a minute of music. Take a look at the seconds hand of a clock or digital watch. A clock runs at 60 beats per minute or 60 BPM. If you imagine a beat in-between each second, you’ve just doubled your BPM to 120.

What about finding the beats per minute of a song?

If you’re looking to figure out the BPM of your favorite song, simply google BPM counter and you’ll get a variety of websites that will have you tap a key and they’ll give you the BPM that you tapped. Put on your favorite song, tap a key to the beat and BOOM they’ll give you the BPM for what you just tapped.

What does beats per minute (BPM) mean for cheer music?

BPM in cheer music is your “auditory” 8-count-sheet. It is easy to look at an 8 count sheet that you’ve filled out, it’s harder to “hear” an 8 count sheet.

Having a strong, easily countable and consistent BPM will help your routine stay together. If your BPM is too fast for your athlete’s skill level, your routine will be sloppy. If your BPM is too slow, your routine will be boring. Finding the BPM “sweet spot” is importantย andย can vary between cheer squads. A mini prep team isn’t going to perform on the same level as your Senior 5.

A good music producer will work with you.

Finding the best BPM that matches your team’s skill level is important. If your music is set for 148 BPM, but you are finding it difficult to hit all your stunts, ask your music producer to slow things down. ย For music producers, this change in tempo is an easy one to make, so you should ask for it. Changing your BPM just slightly from 148 BPM down to 138 BPM may not be noticeable to the untrained ear, however, it could be the difference between hitting a clean stunt and a major deduction.

With a little research and experimentation, finding the perfect BPM for your team is possible. Taking a few moments to figure this out can make a big difference in your overall performance.

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